Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Fitness Plan!

Jodi's Plan.............

I have decided to follow the FIRM cardio weight system.
My plan is to get up around 6, 6:30 am, take my Hydroxy cut pills and do the workout scheduled for that day (50mins).  Since I work from home, have a young child and babysit in the afternoon I will try to increase my daily steps and play some sports with the kids.  When January comes, I want to start P90X.  I already tried it a while ago, but my fitness level is not up to par yet.  Once I get my fitness level up it's time to bring it for 90 days with P90X.  I definitely am going to do yoga a couple times a week.  
It sounds easy talking about all this, but doing it will be a different story.  I am going to set some realistic goals for myself to achieve and make sure that I am accountable with Angie.  Even if I'm sore and cranky I am going to try everyday.  Cheers to new beginnings. 

Angie's Plan........

I have re-newed my gym membership. I intend to start with three work outs a week with a Sunday Yoga class for extra stretching, for the first month. Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. I work in an office eight hours a day five days a week so cardio is a must for me.  Everyday I workout I will start with 45 minutes of cardio, as that is my least favorite workout to do. Then I will move on to half-an-hour of weight training. Starting on Monday's I will work on my lower body, Wednesday's I will do upper body, and Saturday I will do an all over work out. Ending with a great class of stretching and Yoga on Sundays.
I am really positive about this endeavor as being accountable to someone else is truly motivational in my eyes. And having the support from Jodi; knowing she is going through the same thing is very reassuring. Cheers!

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